our mission

Improving the quality of life for the underprivileged groups through, Empowerment and Education.

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Your donation will yield good fruits in the lives of others who need it. By donating, you are changing lives.

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You can be a voluteer to any of our programs, Your skills and Idears will help us greatly to fufill our projects.

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Our Programs

Env'tal Education,Women and Youth Empowerment,Health Education, Human Right Education, Entrepreneurship.

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We Train

We Impact Children and Youths With Computer Skills for a better tomorrow

WE care about the Health of others Expecially children

We are humans

Support 4 Kids

children are the future of our society, promoting their Education is creating a brighter future and a better society.

Educating Woman about their Right and the FIght against GBV

We are concerned about widows and victims of all forms of abuse.


Our Partners/Sponsors